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We have an order minimum $300 Wholesale / $600 Retail

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You will see prices on each item below- This price is our suggested Retail price, YOUR Wholesale Price will be 50% Off this price.

ex. price is $42 for a hoodie You will pay $21 at checkout.

The price will automatically change from retail to wholesale in your cart once you reach the minimum purchase amount listed above.

We do NOT require a retail minimum pricing. Price at what you wish. We do NOT currently offer Zip code protection, However we do offer custom design protection If you send in or we create a design specifically for you, only you will be allowed to order it.

Occasionally we will be unable to get a blank that has been ordered, if and when this does come up we will reach out to you immediately and resolve with either a refund or a different option of your choosing.

~Screenprint & Sublimation~

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